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A. Sarbajna, Y. He, M. H. Dinh, O. Gladkovskaya, S. M. W. Rahaman,
A. Karimata, E. Khaskin, S. Lapointe, R. R. Fayzullin, J. R. Khusnutdinova
Aryl–X Bond-Forming Reductive Elimination from High-Valent Mn–Aryl Complexes

Organometallics 2019, 38, 22, 4409–4419
"The fine art of tuning the reactivity of organometallic manganese complexes is an intricate interplay of the different oxidation states available for this metal, which arrange to achieve the desired chemical bond transformation. In work from the Khusnutdinova group, a model Ar–Br transformation to an Ar–X bond (X = I and CN) has been achieved via sequential oxidative addition, ligand exchange, and oxidatively induced reductive elimination; the overall result involves four different oxidation states of manganese which are necessary to form the product. In this cover, the coordinated performance of the different manganese oxidation states involved in this process is represented by the gradual transformations of Yotsudake dance movements traditional to the Ryukyu Kingdom culture of Okinawa, where this work was carried out."

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